Greeting Card Business - Resources for Paper & Gift Companies

October 13, 2016

Greeting Card Business - Resources for Paper & Gift Companies

It seems I am constantly sourcing out new products, new supplies and new service providers for my greeting card business / paper company. This started when I began thinking about developing a paper company and was looking into my prospects, and continues today as I enter into the "middle phase" of this business, ie, up and running and quickly growing.

I came across a question today on the FB page of Katie Lawler Hunt's Paper Camp eCourse, which I am in the second week of (and can already HIGHLY recommend) that reminded me of one of my goals with this blog - to compile, catalog and curate a list of suppliers for paper businesses.

The question touched on whether paper companies should give out their resources. For instance, if someone were to reach out to me and say, "hey, I love your cards, where do you get them printed?", should I give up the info or should I tell the person to do their own research?

In my case, the decision is easy. I'll give out my resources. And I'll give out resources that I may not personally use, but that I come across. It's something I did when I began writing novels to help other new writers find their way through the business, and it's something I'll be doing here.

If I can save someone time and help them along their way, why not? Besides, it'll be a great resource for me to go back to as needed.

Eventually, I'll put all this information up on separate pages on this site. In the meantime, and mostly because I am too busy right now to set up the pages, I'll list those here on this post, which I'll update every now and then.

If you do use this post when doing your own research, please understand that by including these companies here, I am not endorsing them - unless I specifically say I am. These are simply resources I've come across into which you'll have to do further research.

Note: as I update this list, I'll put the update date here: October 12, 2016

Greeting Card Paper (for home/studio printing)

  • The Paper Mill
  • Staples
  • Red River Paper
  • LCI Paper

Greeting Card Envelopes

  • The Paper Mill
  • Source on Amazon

Cello Sleeves for Greeting Cards

  • Clear Bags
  • Uline
  • Paper Mart
  • GT Bags
  • Source on Amazon

Card Boxes (for card sets)

  • Clear Bags
  • Uline

Mailing Envelopes

  • Source through Amazon
  • Uline

Mailing Tubes

  • Paper Mart
  • Uline


  • Cat Print

Label Printers (for printing postage)

  • Zebra GX430t (which is also the one you'll need if you sell on Amazon)

Label/Postage Paper

  • Source thermal paper through Amazon for your particular printer

Professional (home or studio) Digital Printers

  • Epson - I use and recommend the Epson 3880 (also for art prints)
  • Canon Pro-100
  • Epson ET-2550 or
  • Epson ET-2500
  • Canon ip8720
  • Epson Artisan 1430
  • Canon MG6220
  • Canon MG8220

Greeting Card Printing Companies

  • Cat Print
  • Vistaprint (be aware of their size limits)
  • Printing for Less
  • Print Place
  • DeFrance Printing

Post Card Printing Companies

  • Cat Print
  • DeFrance Printing
  • Vistaprint
  • Printing For Less

Gift Wrap Printing Companies

  • Stationery HQ
  • Zazzle
  • DeFrance Printing

Journal / Notebook Printing Companies

  • DeFrance Printing


  • DeFrance Printing

Gift Tag / Hang Tag Printing Companies

  • Printing for Less
  • Vistaprint

Small Note Printing Companies

  •  Vista Print

  • Cat Print

Art Prints

  • Cat Print
  • DeFrance Printing


  • Cat Print

Order Forms

  • DeFrance Printing
  • DocuCopies

Greeting Card Companies (where you can submit your line)

  • Leaning Tree
  • Oatmeal Studios
  • Blue Mountain Arts

Trade Shows 

  • National Stationery Show
  • NY Now

Digital Catalogs

  • DocuCopies

Physical Catalogs

  • Printing for Less
  • Cat Print
  • DeFrance Printing
  • DocuCopies
  • MagCloud
  • UPrinting
  • Short Stack Printing

Paper Company Sales Rep Companies

Paper Company Showrooms

  • AmericasMart
AMC, Inc. / AmericasMart® Atlanta
240 Peachtree Street N.W., Suite 2200
Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Atlanta Showroom

AmericasMart Atlanta
40 John Portman Blvd, NW
Bldg. 2, Suite 1634
Atlanta ,Georgia 30303
c. 404.589.8200
f. 404.589.8280

  • Columbus MarketPlace
7001 Discovery Blvd.
Dublin, OH 43017
  • Compendium, Inc.
2100 North Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98103
(800) 914-3327
(206) 812-1640
(206) 812-1641 (fax)

  • Dallas Market Center
2100 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207

  • Denver Merchandise Mart
451 East 58th Avenue, Suite 4270,
Denver, CO 80216-8470
  • LA Mart
1933 South Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA 90007

  • Miami Merchandise Mart
777 NW 72 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33126

  • Minneapolis Gift Mart
10301 Bren Road West,
Minnetonka, MN 55343

  • New York Market Center
230 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10001

  • Pacific Market Center
6100 Fourth Avenue, South,
Seattle, WA 98108
  • Paper Alliance
    Sobel Design Building
    680 Eighth Street, Suite 255
    San Francisco, California   94103
    Phone:  415.241.6922
    Fax:  415.241.6992
    Email: Paper Alliance Showroom

      Trade Associations

      • Stationery Trends




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