National Girlfriends Day - Last Minute Gift for Your BFF - and It's FREE!

August 01, 2017

National Girlfriends Day - Last Minute Gift for Your BFF - and It's FREE!

Well, it's National Girlfriends Day and... you effed up. You forgot. You didn't run down to the grocery store to pick up a card. Heck, you didn't even call her this morning to sing her the happy girlfriends day song.

So what do you do?

Don't worry, I've got you covered with today's Daily Free Download.

Free Daily Download: "Like a Sister" - the Perfect Insta-Gift for Your BFF (ta-da!)

Like a Sister - Daily Free Download for Your BFF from Kat Mariaca Studio


In case you didn't know, every day, Monday through Friday, I release one instant download - for FREE! Yes, free. It's only around for 24 hours, though, so you have to grab it quick. 

Today's free printable is "Like a Sister" - all the joy of a sister without the drama. Download and print it on card stock for a great last minute greeting card. Or, print it on photo paper to turn it into a fantastic quickie art print you can gift to your best friend. Or, drop it into an email and let her know how much you love her.

You can even post it to Facebook, etc., but if you do, please link it to this site: (thank you).

If you want to send this to your friend as a professionally-printed greeting card (and envelope), click this link and you'll have it in a few days (great to have on hand for her birthday - or any day you want to tell her how important she is to you). 

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And before I leave you for the day, please enjoy:

5 Life Lessons from TV Girlfriends - in Honor of National Girlfriends Day:

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