OMG! I Am IN LUST with Pineapple Crush - Our Summer Colors Are Here

March 09, 2017

OMG! I Am IN LUST with Pineapple Crush - Our Summer Colors Are Here

I admit it, I am a color whore. There's not much I wouldn't do for great colors, especially when paired with great design. That is why I am in full throttled lust with the newest design from our Kat Charles & Josephine collection, Pineapple Crush.

Pineapple Crush features three colors - Bright & bold orange, hot-n-heavy pink, and white to temper all that heat. The design is a monochromatic version of one I created a few years ago as part of the Kat Charles & Josephine Mid-Century Modern collection. Then it was in toned down neutral hues (below). This revamped and revised rendition is in-your-face, you-can't-ignore me bold.

Pineapple in Earth Tones

Currently, this design is available on ladies' t-shirts (in lots of colors and sizes), coffee mugs (11 and 15 ounce) and our all-over totes. It will soon be available on greeting cards, art prints, enamel mugs and other great I-have-to-have-it-now products.

Order yours now (links below - click on the image). And then come back and drool (in a total ladylike lustful way, of course):

Ladies' Scoopneck T-Shirt - Pineapple CrushPineapple Crush Summer Colors All Over Tote BAg  Pineapple Crush Bright Summer Color Coffee Mug

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