Unique Father's Day Cards are Here for Dad and Step-Father

May 31, 2017

Unique Father's Day Cards are Here for Dad and Step-Father

Father's Day is just around the corner and one of the givens is that you are going to need to find a card. And not just any card. You are going to have to find a card that reminds Dad how much you love, appreciate and respect him, but that does so with a heavy dose of humor (because most dads don't go for the mush).

This year we have a number of new father's day card that will make Dad laugh out loud, all the while his heart is melting. Not only that, but we also have new cards for step-fathers because sometimes they make the best dads of all.

Oh, and PS: most of these cards would be perfect as birthday cards as well.

Because I Said So - Father's Day Card

"Because I Said So" is a hilarious reminder that your Dad was right - or, that you are turning into him. 

Thank You Dad - Card for Father

"Thank You, Dad" lets him know you now understand - and appreciate - all he has done for you and your family. 

I Think of My Father - Card for Dad

"I Think of My Father" is part of our Complications collection. True, it doesn't use humor, but in the right instance, straight out truth beats all. Note: this makes a great birthday card, or anytime card. Also available as a matted art print, refrigerator magnet, and coffee mug.

Father - a Sage Street Greetings Card for Dad

"Father" is from our Sage Street Greetings collection. It redefines fatherhood - or, at least, clarifies it.

And, for an off-the-wall nod to Dad, here is a funny dad card from our Let's Pretend (it never happened) collection. This one is titled "Your Dad's Hair Products."

Your Dad's Hair Products - Funny Card for Father

And here are our new cards for Step-Fathers:

Step Up Dad - Card for Step-Father Step-Dad

"Step Up Dad" is a special thank you card for your Step-Father. He stepped in, he stepped up, all without stepping on... you. Tell him thank you with this great card.

The Facts of Life - Card for Step-Father Step-Dad

"The Facts of Life" is a deeply meaningful card for your step-father. It recognizes the deep connection you share. And that's a fact.

Happy Father's Day, Mom - Father's Day Card for Mom

"Happy Father's Day, Mom!" celebrates all Mom has done for you and what a great job she has done as a stand-in Dad. Let her know you recognize her for all she's done with this thank you card.

Just as a reminder, all of our cards are printed back and front, like this:

Happy Father's Day, Mom - Back and Front of Card



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