Working on Alli's Fair

June 27, 2016

Working on Alli's Fair

Lately I have been working on my Alli's Fair collection lately. Actually, I've been working on it for yeas.

I fist began sketching out ideas for the character and stories about her life a number of years ago when, you guessed it, I found out my husband was a serial cheater. It was a tough time, but Alli gave me the opportunity to look for the humor in my situation and, yes, I understand that "humor" is relative.

Flash forward and I am settled, happily married to my college sweetheart and (huh???) a greeting card designer. Maybe Alli was the impetus so many years ago to move me in this direction. After all, her exploits have been entertaining me for years.

In any case, my career designing cards kind of demands that I finally turn my Alli stories into something more concrete than a notebook filled with stories and sketches. So, I've been working on it.

In case you don't know, Alli is an occasionally-married, sometimes-divorced, single mom who is raising her son, taking care of her parents, holding down a job, fighting with her exes, and trying to get back into the dating game. For the most part, it is not working.

I hope she entertains you like she does me. I'll be releasing the cards as fast as I complete them.

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