Kat Mariaca Studio began as an argument between sisters. Of course, sisters argue all the time, but one of these sisters is a writer and an artist. While thinking about the argument, she realized that there is an element about the relationship between sisters that sometimes feels precarious and unsafe.  So she decided to put her thoughts down on paper.

The result was a book titled The Complication of Sisters, which was published in 2014. It kind of became a big deal and women all over the world started giving it to their own sisters and girlfriends and a lot of laughter and crying ensued.

Eventually, emails and letters began arriving asking the author if she could turn some of the book's stories into cards or art prints. And so she did.


Hi, I'm Katherine, the author of The Complication of Sisters and the "Kat" behind Kat Mariaca Studio. By 2016, I'd had so many requests for cards and art prints from the book that I realized I needed to start telling people "no" or dedicate real time and resources to turning out something professional. 

I don't like to say no. 

2016 was a great year of learning - learning about the "paper" business, creating a line (well, four, actually), defining a brand (yeah, four again) and figuring out what to do with this thing that was taking over my life. I set my sights on 2017 and breaking into the world of wholesale, getting my cards and prints into shops, and broadening the line to include gift items.

And here we are, and it's happening.

By the way, this is the story from the book that was requested most:

I Think of My Sister by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan

 If you've spent any time on this site, you know that I've adapted it to fit the other important people on your life - best friend, husband, wife, mom, dad, etc. 

As for the argument that led to the book that founded a company, I don't really remember what it was about, but I'm sure my sister won. She always does. But then again, this company is kind of me getting the last laugh.

Kat Mariaca Studio is now home to four unique collections of cards, art prints and gift items. By 2018, we'll be expanding to include two new collections, but for now, here is what we offer:

Postal Notes Greetings, the backbone of Kat Mariaca Studio, has cards for every occasion,

Let's Pretend (it didn't happen) offers laugh-out-loud (and often cringe-worthy) Story Cards about all the things we've done that we wish everyone would forget,

Sage Street Greetings is a line of real cards and gifts for real life. It addresses important life events such as addiction and divorce,

and, of course, 

Complications, a line of cards and gifts that address the complicated relationships we have.

 And,finally, because everything is better with a puppy in it, here is Murphy,  at almost 10 weeks old. She is already my little sunshine: