Collections - Because Some Things Just Go Together

Here at Kat Mariaca Studio, we try to keep things simple. That includes organizing all our products into collections. While not everything can be sub-categorized to the n-th degree, we do have some recognizable themes running through our product line. These are:

Postal Notes Greetings

Postal Notes Greetings - This colorful and quirky collection of cards for every occasion tackles everything people (some nameless unspecified "you", a co-worker, neighbor, teacher, etc.), places (colleges, cities, motel rooms, dark alleys, you name it), and things (everything that can't be otherwise categorized, like navel lint or elephants).

Sage Street Greetings

Sage Street Greetings are cards and gifts that address real life - things like addiction, divorce and fate.

Let's Pretend Story Cards, Prints & Gifts

Let's Pretend (That Didn't Happen) is an often cringe-worthy look at the unfortunate things people do and say that we wish everyone would forget we did and said.

Complications Cards, Prints & Gifts

Complications came about after the success of Katherine's book for and about the relationship between sisters, "The Complication of Sisters." It dives deep into all kinds of interpersonal relationships. It takes on the good, the bad and the (often very) ugly.

Lazy Greetings (TM) Post Cards

I created Lazy Greetings because my son often complains about having to write thank you notes. He thinks that they have too much space which he feels obligated to fill. "Just write bigger," I tell him. "I can't, this is how I write," he says. So, I created a line of postcards that limit the space he - or anyone - has to fill, but which still meet my demands of a through-the-mail thank you note.

Art Prints

Kat Charles & Josephine is a collection of art prints by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan, some of which have been collected into art card collections and others that are so darn pretty in and of themselves, that we had to include them here.


When she's not designing story cards for us, Kat is an author writing under her nom de plume, which is really not a pen name as it is actually her full name, Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan. To date, she has two novels, one collection of micro stories, an illustrated children's book and some number of non-fictions in publication. You can find some of them here, under "Books."

Nursery Art

In 2015 Kat's book, If You Were a Critter, was released. The illustrated children's book has some great artwork in Mid-Century Modern colors and we've decided to release some of it as art prints for a nursery or child's room.

Studio Tees, Studio Joe (Mugs) and Studio Totes

Some of the messages we design are just so good that we can't confine them to cards. When the fancy hits us, we'll release some of these designs on t-shirts, coffee mugs and tote bags.