"Cat" is "Boss" Spelled Correctly - 11 oz Funny Cat Coffee Mug


Do you have a cat? Do you know someone who has a cat? Then you'll understand the inherent truth in this funny cat coffee mug. Your cat - or kitten, kitty, pussycat, monster, whatever you call your boss - rules, and the sooner you accept your fate, the better your house will run!

Give this funny coffee - or tea - cup as a gift to all the cat minions you know - a cat mom, cat dad, crazy cat lady, yourself, veterinarian, vet tech, animal shelter worker, pet owner, cat rescue worker - anyone who knows his/her place and who likes to be dominated!

11 oz white ceramic coffee mug

3.75" diameter

Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Designed & Printed in the USA

Also available as a two-tone coffee mug - choose your accent color


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