Oops! Embarrassing Greeting Card - That Lady's Mustache


Something like this actually happened to me - only someone said something not-so-nice about my father without realizing the man she was talking about was my father. So. I kind of hope she is still feeling a little sick today as she did so many years ago when I told her who he was... Just saying.

What it says:

"You know how we were at that restaurant and I pointed to that lady and said, 'Holy Crap! Check out that lady's mustache!' and then you took me over and introduced her to me as your mother?' Can't we just pretend that never happened?"

❉ Title: That Lady's Mustache
❉ Collection - Let's Pretend Greetings
❉ Size - 4.25 x 5.5 (A2) when folded
❉ Blank inside - just waiting for your perfect message
❉ Includes a 100% recycled Natural-colored envelope with press & seal close
❉ Individually packaged in a protective poly sleeve
❉ Ships in a rigid shipping envelope

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