Pride - a Celebration Greeting Card


What it says:

"pride /prahyd/ n., 1. an emotional reaction, 2. a warm, swelling feeling that begins in the heart and spreads throughout the body, 3. a deep appreciation, 4. a profound respect for certain choices and actions, 5. an immense feeling of pleasure and delight for an achievement(s), 6. a feeling of satisfaction and joy, 7. a word that doesn’t come close to describing how you make me feel."

❉ Collection - Sage Street Greetings
❉ Size - 4.25 x 5.5 (A2) when folded
❉ Blank inside - just waiting for your perfect message
❉ Includes a 100% recycled Sage-colored envelope with press & seal close
❉ Individually packaged in a protective poly sleeve
❉ Ships in a rigid shipping envelope

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