The Complication of Sisters - Book For and About Sisters


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"The Complication of Sisters" is a collection of micro-stories and illustrations For and about sisters, this book will make you laugh, cry, remember and move on.

From the book jacket:

"An argument with her older sister led author/artist Katherine Mariaca Sullivan to examine what it means to be a sister. What she discovered is that, even as young sisters grow into women, some of the rivalries and frustrations that marked their early years do not necessarily grow up.

With humor and wit, Katherine reveals some of the sisterly baggage that she has been carrying for decades, as well as her conclusion that no matter how complicated the relationship between sisters, there really is no stronger bond.

This book, expressed in stories and illustrations, is perfect for any woman who is a sister. It is sure to spark memories, recover early bonds, and to heal old hurts."

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Great book, A gift you want to give your sister!!,
By Hams

This book will make you think of your sister or a close friend and how they have shaped your life. It will remind you of why we all need each other. Buy it and write how each passage reminds you of your sister or friend than send it to them for Christmas. Great Book!

5.0 out of 5 stars
A perfect gift
By Karen H

For any woman who has a sister, whether it’s a biological one or a friend who’s earned that honorary title, this book will hit home on many levels. Filled with delightful thoughts and sayings and beautifully illustrated this book is a pure delight. Thoughtful. Insightful. A book you’ll enjoy and will want to give to the special women in your life. Highly recommended as a book to read and to buy for others.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Love this book!
Christopher W. Sheard
Wonderful, insightful and just charming. This book is full of terrific original art
and wonderful thoughts for everyone. I highly recommend this book. Not so “light”, but certainly lively.
Read it!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Honest, Witty & Touching
By Audrey Austin

Love this book! Being the oldest of 5 sisters, this book really hit home. It is full of short stories, some funny, some sad, but all very honest & all point to a happy truth. Each story is presented along with beautiful & intriguing artwork. It would make a great gift for any sister or anyone related to a sister! My sisters & my Mom read it & loved it too!
5.0 out of 5 stars
If You Are A Sister, This Book Is A Must Read!
By Kathy G.

Let me start out by saying I am the youngest of three sisters, all close in age, but so very different. Most of my life I have felt like the referee when it came to my older sisters. Why couldn’t they see each other the way I saw them? Couldn’t they see how amazing the other was? Therefore, when I saw Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan’s book, The Complication of Sisters, I knew I had to read it.

Katherine’s artwork is thought provoking and beautiful and through her words I saw not only my relationship with each of my sisters, but also their relationship with each other. Katherine’s willingness to open her heart and share not only happier times but also the not so happy times she has had with her sister has helped me to realize that we are not the only ones who struggle from time to time. I’ve decided to purchase a copy of The Complication of Sisters for each of my own sisters with the hope that when those occasional bumps in the road occur (as they always seem to), that they might take her book out and read it to remind them how essential their sister bond is to who they are...

5.0 out of 5 stars
A must read for sisters!
by A Smith

Beautiful art and words spoken straight from the heart! An insightful book that speaks volumes about sisterhood and all that entails! Would make an outstanding gift for those who have ridden the “sisterly” rollercoaster while growing up. The love is always underneath but this shows just how complicated and emotional at times being a sister can be.

And, a message from Amherst Town Library:

I just wanted to thank you for gifting the library with “The Complication of Sisters.” Since it was so temptingly sitting on my desk…..I read it and *really* enjoyed its many truths.

Amy (a younger sister)

Amy Lapointe
Library Director
Amherst Town Library
14 Main Street
Amherst, NH 03031

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