That's SO Gay - a Regretful Let's Pretend Story Card


A teenager very close to me used to say this a lot. Eventually he got sick of my response, "Do you mean that is so happy? So lighthearted and carefree?", and dropped it. Still, since the "Let's Pretend" collection is all about the stupid things people do and say that we wish we had never done or said, "That's SO gay" had to be included.

What it says:

"You know how we were talking with your dad the other day and I laughed and said that thing was 'SO GAY' and later you told me that your dad really is gay? Can't we just pretend that never happened?"

❉ Title: That's SO Gay
❉ Collection - Let's Pretend Greetings
❉ Size - 4.25 x 5.5 (A2) when folded
❉ Blank inside - just waiting for your perfect message
❉ Includes a 100% recycled Natural-colored envelope with press & seal close
❉ Individually packaged in a protective poly sleeve
❉ Ships in a rigid shipping envelope

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