The Stages of Grace - a Novel by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan


The Stages of Grace - a Novel by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan. This contemporary women's novel will make you laugh, will make you cry, will make you want to throw the damn book against a wall... and then will make you rush to pick it back up again because you just can't stop reading. Buy it here to have the book shipped from the Kat Mariaca Studio or Click here to buy it on Amazon in either the paperback or Kindle version.

They say that all is fair in love and war...

>>>>> Denial.

After more than fifteen years of marriage, cartoonist Gracie Carpenter discovers her husband is a serial cheater. Not only that, but she is struggling to resuscitate her career, to care for her widowed father who has Alzheimer's, to find a way to re-connect with her teenage son, and to help her best friend through her latest crisis. And just when things reach a breaking point, she meets the ghost of the daughter she never had.

>>>>> Negotiation.

Gracie wants nothing more than for her life to return to the way it was. Even with everything that is going on, she thinks her daughter's sudden appearance is a sign that she and her husband should try again.

>>>>> Depression.

As her life falls apart, Gracie discovers that the root of so much pain may lie in a terrible mistake she made as a young girl-a mistake that left a boy dead.

>>>>> Anger.

To save herself, her son, and her life, Gracie must confront her husband. And her past.

>>>>> Acceptance.

Can Gracie find the strength to overcome her past? Can she start over and forge a new life-one built on strength and love and forgiveness? Can she, in fact, find grace?

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