Water from Stone - a Novel by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan


Water from Stone - a Novel by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan. Buy it here to have it ship from Kat Mariaca Studio, or click here to buy it on Amazon in either the paperback or Kindle version.

When it comes right down to it, what makes a family?
Is it nature or nurture?

Prosecutor Jack Westfield has it all – a beautiful, loving wife, an exciting legal career, a child on the way. With so much going for him, his life is perfect. Until the morning of his biggest case yet. That day Jack makes a mistake, one that costs him everything.

Artist Mar Delgado had it all – marriage to her childhood sweetheart, a successful career. She had never been happier, until the boat carrying her husband on a trip to dive with hammerhead sharks returns without him.

For four years, as his career tanks and his personal life is non-existent, Jack tries to make amends for his mistake the only way he can – by searching for and bringing home the child that was stolen from him.

Mar’s attempts at rebuilding her life after her husband’s death founder. She can no longer paint the coral reef paintings that she had been famous for because water terrifies her. She can no longer trust herself to love because the toll is too high. But then, in the most unexpected way, she is given a second chance.

Private Investigator Sy Colomanos has seen it all. Still, for him, finding the Westfield baby is personal. For years, he follows the kidnapper’s convoluted trail across the country searching for the one clue that will help bring young Mia home. When the trail dead ends at Mar’s door, however, all hell breaks loose as the question becomes, what makes a family?

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